Joe T.

Joe is a Junior at Delsea Highschool. He plans on getting better at Photoshop,as for his future he would like to be a State Trooper or a police officer. Whenever he has free time he likes to hangout with friends, fish, and just relax. Out of his three years in Web Design he enjoyed building and maintaining Delsea Gear more than anything. ~ Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard

Robert B.

Robert is a Junior at Delsea Highschool. In his next year in web design he wants to focus primarily on designing. Robert is undecided on what he wants to do after school but he thinks he wants to be an engineer or mechanic in the military. Outside of school he likes to work on his car and dirtbike, he also plays football, wrestles, and baseball. Roberts favorite memory in Web design so far was the trip we took to Rowan College at Gloucester County. ~ "Low n Slow"

Kyle M.

Kyle is a Junior at Delsea Highschool. During Web five next year Kyle plans on focusing on content. After Highschool he would like to go to Rowan College at Gloucester County. Outside of School he likes to go on his computer. ~ That moment when you think you know someone. But then you realize, you were completely wrong about them.

Jessica C.

Jessica is a Junior at Delsea HighSchool. In Web five next year she would like to focus primarily on UI Design and Animating with CSS. After HighSchool she plans on going to a four year college, she is undecided what she wants to major in but she thinks It will be computer related. Outside of school she likes to hangout with friends and go to the beach. Throughout her three years in Web design her favorite memory is coming up with her own ideas for Delsea Web. ~ Sometimes the right path isn't the easiest one -- Grandmother Willow, (Pocahontas)