What His Students Think


Josh Geissler

"He likes to relate everything to real world situations and knows his stuff very well. He'll answer any question you have for him, and him showing us examples before starting new material makes everything easier."


Kara McGarvey

"He is a really good teacher and he makes sure we are able to understand what we are learning at the time. And if we don't understand something, he makes time for us and explains it to us in a way we might better understand."


Cole Lachowicz

"He is a great teacher and makes sure everyone is on task, and will help you if you have trouble with something. I like how he explains things step by step when they are new to us and goes over all new material."


Ethan Mattson

"At first, I thought he was going to be a regular boring teacher, but he's actually pretty cool, and wants us to learn and not just pass the class. Also, all the analogies he makes are corny, but it makes him who he is."