Our Teacher


Mr. Daigle is the head honcho of the Web Design & Development program at Delsea. He's been teaching Web Design for 10 years. Mr. Daigle has equipped us with an abundance of information. He's taught us well enough for us to have the ability to build this site on our own, so why not check him out?

Hire Us


Looking for someone to build your website? Hire us! Web 5 students would love to make your site look just the way you want it! For only a small fee, you could even help students with their education. Mr. Daigle would put the money aside for those web 5 students and write them a scholarship for when they go off to college!

Our Projects


Interested in taking Web Design & Development? Come take a look at what Delsea Web is all about and some of the projects and builds we do. You can see what we learn throughout the different stages of Web Design & Development. Starting with the beginners (Web1), all the way up to Web 4! Find out what could be in store for you throughout the different levels of the program!

Our Team


Check out the team members of our agency! You can learn a little more about the people who participated in creating this site. Our agency, Cutting Edge 13, consists of many talented and hard working individuals. Have an inside peek at their interests as well as who they are as a person and their role in building this site! Who would want to pass that up?! Click the link below to meet our team!